Welcome to Stan’s Σχόλια

A  σχόλια is a comment inserted in the margin of a manuscript of an ancient writer. These marginal notes occur often in ancient works and they often contained notes from previous writers that had some bearing on the text at hand. In short, σχόλια are marginal notes.

This is my place to think out loud on various biblical, theological, and at time pastoral matters. Because I’m currently pursuing a PhD in New Testament, I’m being exposed to more information than any human could possibly process—there is always something else to learn, some new connection to make, some new insight that deserves more consideration. This site, then, is my place to catch some of those fleeting moments of brilliance before they are lost. Think of these notes as my marginal notes.

While this all sound stodgy and erudite, scholia were sometime humorous. For example, a later note in the margin of Codex Vaticanus (4th Cent), next to Hebrews 1:3, reads αμαθεστατε και κακε, αφες τον παλαιον, μη μεταποιει, which translated means “Unlearned and evil one, leave the old reading [alone] do not change it!” (See picture below).

Picture from www-user.uni-bremen.de/~wie/Vaticanus/note1512.html

Again welcome to Stan’s Σχόλια! May the marginal note-taking begin!



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4 responses to “Welcome to Stan’s Σχόλια

  1. Looking forward to your scholia Stan.

  2. Christopher Hutson

    Off to a good start. Looking forward to your posts.

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