New Readings in the NA28: Report on James

At the Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting in Chicago this past weekend, the Dutsche Bibelgesellschaft publicly unveiled the 28th edition of the Neste-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece ( Holger Strutwolf and team did a good job of walking scholars and others through some of the important changes, most of which, I would call improvements. The most significant changes occur in the Catholic epistles where the NA text has been brought in line with the latest research and methods used in the Editio Critica Maior (ECM; for more information, see As the ECM completes work on others portions of the NT, these results will appear in future editions of the NA text.

This scholia begins to answer the bottom-line question for those who are not interested in the more tedious details of textual criticism: How has the text of NA28 been changed from NA27?

These changes are limited to the Catholic epistles (James through Jude) and so they will be taken up below in biblical order. The NA27 reading is given first; the NA 28 reading follows the ➽. A brief commentary will follow explaining the significance of each change.


1.20 ουκ εργαζεται ➽ ου κατεργαζεται

This is not a big change: “does not work” to “does not work out.”

2.3 εκει η καθου ➽ η καθου εκει

Greek word order can vary. While word order can vary emphasis, there is little or no shift in the meaning of the text; here the text would change from “[stand] there or sit …” to “[stand] or sit there ….

2.4 ου διεκριθητε ➽ και ου διεκριθητε

From “Do you not judge…” to “And do you not judge…”

2.15 λειπομενοι ➽ λειπομενοι ωσιν

This change add a “to be” verb: from “lacking” to “being without,” thus creating better balanced with “being naked” previously.

4.10 κυριου ➽ του κυριου

In this text, the articles was added before the word “Lord.” This will not change English translations as English nearly always requires “the” before “Lord,” even when the article is absent in the Greek.

My next scholia will pick up with the changes in 1 Peter.


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  1. Philip Joseph

    Thanks a lot! God bless your efforts!!

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